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A Lab for experimentation, collaboration and knowledge sharing.

The Food Design Lab is a team that aims to explore the connections between gastronomy, design, and the sustainability of our food system. Our diverse team brings new perspectives and interests about food as a part of contemporary lifestyles. We are a multidisciplinary team that works towards experimentation, collaboration, and knowledge sharing. Our goal is to provide immersive and enjoyable experiences for our partners and clients, from training professionals to offering an immersive experience.

A eclectic team with unique perspectives on food in contemporary lifestyles.

What we do
Our Portfolio

Responsible and transparent design adapted to consumer preferences.

Design as a promotion of sociocultural experiences for human physical and mental well-being.

Explore the sustainability of the food system in a circular way through design.

Design as a political, social and cultural tool to drive changes in food.

Design's holistic and temporal view of the food system.

Design as a guarantee of consumer safety in the face of the risks of the food system.

Partners and customers
AHRESP AddSolutions Cascais Food Lab CETT ELISAVA ESHTE FORK - Food Design for Opportunities, Research and Knowledge Grohe Imppacto, Catering & Eventos Laurel - Associação Portuguesa de Marcas de Excelência NXHotelaria Saludães Universidade Europeia
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